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Notarized Translations, Inc. is a corporate member of the American Association of Translators and provides professional translation services for a wide range of clients across a diverse variety of industries including, legal, financial and media.  NTI upholds the strictest standards for certification and provides an exact translation of the sources and includes a clause which attests to the accuracy of the translation and a stamp and seal of certification for proof of authenticity is on each page of the translation to lessen the possibility of fraud.  Companies have chosen Notarized Translations, Inc. for their website translation needs because they require excellent quality, fast turnaround and great value.

website translations

Notarized Translations, Inc. has some of the most experienced and qualified translators and developers within our global network to translate your website.  We work withthe world's largest companies to improve their sales and customer reach by developing and adapting their Web sites for a world-wide audience. Potential customers are much more likely to buy from websites that address them in their own language.  To learn more about our services, please contact us at (561) 767-4330.

Translation process

Our translations go through the following steps: accepting the project; evaluating the document; assigning the translator with the specific subject matter expertise; proofreading and editing by a 2nd bilingual translator.

Quality and experience

Our primary commitment is quality, which is why every translation request is handled by a highly professional and experienced translator, who is specialized in the relevant field and whose mother tongue is the target language. Every document is triple checked by a proofreader or editor before the finished document is delivered to you.

Fast Turn-around time and highly competitive rates

Through our services we strive to offer highly competitive and affordable rates and be recognized by our customers as the industry leader. We understand that timely, value-driven services of superior quality are most important to our customer. We deliver your translated and certified documents within days at an amazing price.  Our basic translation services start at just $40.